Ideas From Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk On Body Language

In this 30 second PAREable, discover ideas on how body language might have an impact on our chances of success.

Actionable Do:

  • Practice power dynamics. Expand and open up your body as it is a sign of power.
  • Fake it (power posing dynamics) until you become it.
  • Power posing for 2 minutes before situations where you’ll be judged by your presence.

Actionable Don’t:

  • Don’t crouch down and shrink because it’s a sign of powerlessness.


  • Body language (non-verbal behavior) is a form of communication.
  • Our non-verbal communication govern how other people think and feel about us.
  • Our non-verbal communication also govern how we think and feel about ourself.
  • We know our mind change our body, but our body also changes our mind.
  • Our mind change our behavior and our behavior changes our outcomes.

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Here is her study in the journal of Psychological Science.

“Power Posing”

And here is her inspiring TED Talk.

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