Ideas From David Allen’s Getting Things Done

In this 45 second PAREable, discover ideas on how to hit peak productivity.

Actionable Do:

  • Focus. When other thoughts enter the mind, record them on an external Thought Bucket that is close by.
  • Make sure to empty the Thought Bucket weekly and organize it.
  • Remove unimportant items, finish 2-minute tasks, deadlines/appointments go into calendar.
  • Practice outcome thinking by having a project list that tracks steps that leads to desired goals. The most urgent step of the project list goes to Next Action list.
  • Next Action list should stay with you at all times, so you can choose to act on them when time frees up.
  • Waiting For list can help expedite things.
  • Tickler File. Consists of 31 days and 12 months into the future, is for time sensitive reminders.
  • Someday/Maybe list is for ideas in the future that are not concrete projects yet.
  • Setup a functional workplace to create a cockpit of control that eases your mind.
  • Weekly review and update all your lists.
  • Natural planning to turn ambiguous ideas into brainstorming sessions that reduce the fog and provide clarity into action-able steps.

Actionable Don’t:

  • Don’t multi-task. Focus 100% of mental capacity on the task at hand.

Grey Matter:

  • Our brain’s nature is to think. Thus, thoughts would enter our mind that distract from our current tasks at hand.
  • Daily to-do lists are inefficient because of its warped view of time.

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