Ideas from Jeff Weiner’s TWIST Episode

In this 15 second PAREable, learn what five elements make for a world class product.

Actionable Do:

  • Great product delivers on a singular value proposition. Do one thing extremely well with a laser focus on that one thing. I.e. Google’s search box.
  • Great product is simple, intuitive and at its best, anticipate the user’s need. I.e. Waze detecting you going home.
  • Great product exceeds expectations. Because when it happens, user will not forget. I.e. when Virgin America first came out.
  • Great product resonates emotionally. How it makes you feel. I.e. driving a Tesla feels like driving the future.
  • Great product needs to meaningfully change and improve your life.


  • Always ask yourself, what’s the value proposition you’re providing?

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Don’t just take my words, watch this chat.

Jeff Weiner on This Week In Startups.

Until the next PAREable..

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