Ideas From Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point

In this 30 second PAREable, discover how and why ideas spread like wildfire sometimes.

Actionable Do:

  • To spread an idea, you must make sure it sticks first. It has to be something special, catchy, unique, and remarkable to cut through the market noise.
  • Keep the group smaller than 150 if the goal is to effectively spread a message.


  • The spread of ideas has a similar behavior to spread of epidemics.
  • The tipping point is when ideas spread from an initial niche user base into the mass majority.
  • A select few types of people are generally responsible for ideas to spread: Connectors, Salesman, and Mavens.
  • Our behavior can be influenced by external elements. That influence is generally greater than how we perceive ourselves.
  • Small change in context by the external elements can have a big ripple effect.

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