Ideas from Nir Eyal’s Hooked

In this 1 minute PAREable, find out how to get people addicted to your product, in a good way.


  • Habits are activities you perform without thinking. It emerge because your brain want to save time and chooses what has worked for you the last time.
  • Change is hard because of your pre-existing habits.
  • Easiest way to adopt a new habit is to repeat an action frequently. If can’t be repeated, then it has to be extremely useful to be adopted.
  • Most successful products are habit-forming.
  • Because habits are hard to ditch, the customers will likely use the product for longer time and increase their lifetime value. They will also talk about it and doing your advertising for you.
  • Habits are also a competitive advantage. Because it is hard for the competitor to sway customer’s habit unless the competitor provides quantum leap in advances.
  • The way to make habit-forming product is to repeat the four stages of Hook Model: the trigger, the action, the reward and the investment.
  • The external trigger, or call to action, must offer a simple choice of action to take.
  • The internal trigger is developed by connecting your product to a desired solution to one of user’s problem.
  • Increase users’ ability to use the product or increase users’ motivation.
  • General motivation consists of, seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, seeking hope and avoiding fear, seeking social acceptance and avoiding rejection.
  • The product needs to produce results that are in line with expectation in order to sustain motivation.
  • Variable reward for actions is crucial because of the anticipation.
  • User investments will lead to more usage later on because value of self involvement, tendency for behavior to be consistent and adjusting world view from our behavior.

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