Ideas from Peter Thiel’s Zero to One

In this 1 minute PAREable, learn how to think about the future and how to achieve the future.

Actionable Do:

  • Think about the future as a definitive vision. A vision that you want to focus on and attain.
  • When thinking about the future, it’s important to think about the progress which stands between now and the future.
  • Finding ideas that most people don’t know about or agree with is key to being successful.
  • First aim to be a profitable monopoly at a specific and narrow defined target market, then expand to other market.
  • The initial team members are critical. Must find the right mix of skills, vision and personal connection with each other. This makes it easier to foster a strong company culture.
  • Do have a balanced owner interests to avoid future misalignments and company suffer as a result.


  • Two types of progress that bridge the now and the future: horizontal progress (one to n) and vertical progress(zero to one).
  • Vertical progress is hard because it does not exist yet. It requires you to see the present differently. It also requires you to find a truth that most people don’t see or agree with.
  • A startup has only one specific future vision that will lead to success. One must parse decisions to make in specific conditions.
  • Perfect competition is good for consumers, but it does not drive progress.
  • Real progress, the zero to one type of vertical progress, usually results in monopolies. Because that means you’re producing something much better than everyone else.
  • Sales and distribution is vital because your product will never sell themselves. Optimized your sales effort per distribution point to include various sales strategies.
  • Founders tend to be strange people. But the vision they have is indispensable because the decisions are made to realize that original vision.

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