Ideas from Planet Money’s The Curse Of The Black Lotus Episode

In this 30 second PAREable, check out lessons from a company which print cards that battled the science of bubble and kept the fad going for 20+ years.

Actionable Do:

  • When fighting a bubble, drive the speculators out.
  • Focus on the core audience, those that sticks with your product for its essence, not its value.
  • The monetary value of the product exists, but the product should stay at the front and center.
  • Aim for targeted, sustainable growth instead of huge spikes.


  • Bubble pops hard, Wizards of the Coast focused its strategy on the long term instead of grabbing cash during the bubble.
  • Bringing the value of the cards back to a reasonable level that people can buy by printing lots of new sets of cards. When a pack of cards is sold for more than retail, print more.
  • Older, powerful and valuable cards were banned effectively by starting a Pro League where Wizards of the Coast dictate the rules of play.

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Don’t just take my words, check out Planet Money’s Episode #609: The Curse Of The Black Lotus.

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