Ideas from Ryan Holiday’s Growth Hacker Marketing

In this 45 second PAREable, discover new techniques of marketing to reach and grow customers.


  • Product itself is the best way to capture new customers. Use technology to answer “How can I get customers?” by tracking behavior and iterate the product ASAP.
  • Development process is a mixture of marketing and product development. Through each iteration of the process, both are refined.
  • The product doesn’t have to be perfect at launch. It is optimized afterwards.
  • Having a product people want, to establish product market fit. Does it respond to a need? Is it useful? Does it enhance user’s lives?
  • Reward your user for learning how to use your product.
  • Satisfied customers will spread words of mouth and reduce the cost of marketing.
  • Creating customer awareness is an essential part of the growth strategy. I.e. Dropbox started with invite-only to create a virtual waitlist.
  • Target early adopters because they are more receptive to try new things. I.e. Uber gave away free rides during SXSW 2013 instead of pay for ads.
  • Virality, make your product worth sharing and encourage sharing.
  • Incentivize sharing and create noticable elements are also key to boost brand awareness.
  • Sustainable growth is achieved by keeping your existing customers after they’ve became your customers.
  • Find the right metric to measure conversion rate and stickiness. So you can improve your service and turn inactive users into active users.
  • ROI and profit margins are generally higher with existing customers compare to new customers.

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