Ideas From Seth Godin’s Start Up Podcast On Adjusting The Course

In this 45 second PAREable, discover what questions to ask that will help you think about your business idea.

Actionable Do:

  • Do the hard things to stick to the path.
  • Adjust the course when things don’t work, and keep adjusting until it reaches the destination.
  • It’s not about the external information, it’s about what you are telling yourself.


  • The following are questions you should ask yourself when you think about your business/product/idea.
  • Question – Who is it for? Nothing is for everyone.
  • Question – This group target has subgroups in it. Find any given groups. What do they believe? What’s the story they’re telling themselves?
  • Question – This subgroup, have they spent cash money to buy something like this before? Because selling to people who have never bought something before is harder.
  • Question – This core group of people, do they know you exist? There’s a huge gap between selling to people who know about you and selling to people who have never heard about you.
  • Question – These people who have heard about you, do they trust you enough to buy from you? There’s a big gap between someone who is aware of you and someone who trusts you.
  • There are different kinds of revenue: revenue of cash, revenue of attention/trust, and revenue of referral.

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Until the next PAREable..

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