Ideas From Seth Godin’s Start Up Podcast On Appealing to Consumers

In this 45 second PAREable, discover the how and the who when thinking about your consumers.

Actionable Do:

  • Short circuit the funnel by improving click through rate and higher conversion rate.
  • Understand your business model in terms of user scale. How big is your user acquisition target?


  • An efficient consumer funnel means getting in front of the right people at the right time.
  • i.e., Google is the consumer funnel for everything online.
  • Perhaps changing the business itself so the consumer funnel works better?
  • First part of funnel is pay for targeted audience through keywords.
  • Second part of the funnel is conversion rate on your business page.
  • Higher click through rate and higher conversion rate equals lower customer acquisition cost for you
  • Your business model needs to be clear about, if it only need a small group of people to work, or if it would only work with a large group of people.
  • Because there’s a big gap between product that is cool(small amount of people happy) versus product that works(mass amount of people happy).
  • When moving from something that’s cool to something that works, you need trust and authority.
  • Picking nothing is guaranteed to not work.

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