Ideas From Seth Godin’s Start Up Podcast On Creating Scarcity

In this 45 second PAREable, discover interesting ways to reflect and evaluate your ideas.


  • If someone wants to do business with you, they’re hiring your product/service to solve their problem.
  • i.e., milkshake is a way for people to have breakfast through a straw in morning commute.
  • Manipulation is making you buy something you regret later.
  • Marketing is making you buy something you’ll glad you buy.
  • Lock in effect describes something that is just too hard to change. More often, it’s an emotional hurtle. People don’t like to admit they were wrong before.
  • Question – what problem is your customers waking up in the morning with? The point being that you want to know the problem you’re solving is essential.
  • Question – what’s the hard part of your business? Usually, it’s being known, being trusted, and being able to create something people can’t live without.
  • Scarcity is the only thing that’s worth paying for. But you can create scarcity without doing something particularly difficult.
  • Question – what are you doing here that’s both hard and scarce?
  • Question – as you use this, does this become more valuable or less valuable?
  • Pick one tribe to target only.
  • A tribe has to have a goal, a culture, a community, and care about each other.
  • You will always do better if a tribe embraces you because we’re hard wired to want to do what other people are doing.

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