Ideas From Seth Godin’s Start Up Podcast On Freelancers Or Entrepreneurs

In this 45 second PAREable, discover ideas on how to think about entrepreneurship.


  • Entrepreneurship is about three questions.
  • Do you know what to do?
  • Are you able to do it? (Are you good enough at multiple things to do the right things?)
  • Do you care enough about the project to get hit? (To fail and try again over and over again?)
  • Every successful business has a monopoly, what is it you can have a monopoly on?
  • We’re in the connection economy, and the easiest way to have a monopoly is to be the center of connections.
  • One way to think about being an entrepreneur is, how do I make it so that everyone at their job is better than I am?
  • The main job the entrepreneur has is to break the business, by going through trail and error so it can grow more than it is.
  • To create value means people are giving you money because what you’re doing is worth more than what it costs.
  • Creating a brand allows you to have a monopoly of the brand, have a monopoly of the story, and have a monopoly of expectations.
  • Marketing is about telling that story about the value that resonates enough with people that they want to give you money.
  • Figure out how to tell the story, who to tell it to, and how to create value, repeatedly, then you’ve created a business.

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