Ideas From Seth Godin’s Start Up Podcast On Making Ideas Travel

In this 30 second PAREable, learn about making ideas travel.

Actionable Do:

  • When talking about your business, spend a minute on what it is, and 4 minutes on proving it’s true and important.
  • You need to figure out, with less than 20 words, what to say to another person so that they are eager to use, eager to pay attention, eager to pay money and they would want to know more about your business.


  • Idea is like a rider, they need a horse to get places.
  • Is the idea a good one, and what are you connecting it to so it travels?
  • One way to inject an idea into someone’s head, is to find someone else that is already there, and hang a picture next to it.
  • Problem with the web is that it’s hard to share websites, and people won’t remember how to get back to your website.

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