Ideas From Seth Godin’s Start Up Podcast On Permission And Trust

In this 45 second PAREable, learn how to build a community and gain their trust.

Actionable Do:

  • It’s critical to figure out how to go from where you start to where you need to be. If there is no path, there is no viable business.
  • Figure out how to maximize the lifetime value of audience who is hard to reach?
  • Have to start without seeing the end because it’s impossible to have a perfect and proven plan to start with.
  • Become the power broker in this connection economy by being the point of connection, i.e., blogging about specific topics for specifc audience.
  • Be the broker of trust and permission because it is an efficient way to reduce customer acquisition cost and increse product to market speed.


  • The more degrees of freedom you have in your mind, the more likely it is you can build a business that works.
  • Can you build something that would be missed if it were gone?
  • What are some assumptions you have that you can skip to reduce cost while keeping your product/service scarce and valuable.
  • Customers pay x to get y. If your proposition is pay x to get 2y? You will have no problem finding customers. Or you create a new z for customers that pay you x.
  • The question is not how do you persuade everyone to pay for this thing they’re not used to paying for. But how do you find the few people who are eager to pay for this.

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